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Divorce mediation is an unbiased process where the couple meets with one or more mediators to examine the issues and assist the couple in creating a proper resolution.   Mediation is most effective when couple are ready to take a fresh approach at their issues in an attempt to resolve core problems and move on with the positive aspects of their life.

1. Property Distribution (Assets / Liabilities)

2. Parenting Time / Child Custody

3. Child Support / Spousal Support / Maintenance Agreements

4. Retirement Distribution / QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order)

5. Taxes / Collections /Annuities

6. Real Estate / Pets

7. AND MORE...


Divorce Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation

When couples make a initial decision to divorce there are two distinctive paths they can choose, litigation or mediation.  Divorce Litigation and Divorce Mediation are very different strategies that have their own benefits and drawbacks.  Mediation focuses on working together to create a mutually beneficial and agreeable proposal for division of assets, proper distribution, custody and support.

If children are involved in a divorce situation, mediation focuses on the best interests of the children along with maintaining a proper family bond if possible.


Complex divorce situations are often quickly resolved by mediation as the parties are working together to solve the issues; which deserve focus, rather then fighting about each and every issue. Mediation allows the couple, not the court, to decide their fate.


Our mediators can help develop a legally binding contact and court orders to resole any issue.



- Whether Divorce is the best option for the parties.
- Living situations and Visitation for the children.
- How to properly manage shared care and custody of the children.
Working with each other to solve parenting issues.

- Division of assets (marital home, other homes, cars, personal property, etc.).
- Immediate division of current liabilities (to save the couples credit, etc.)
- Proper Financial support and care (medical, psychological, etc.) for family members.



Mediation:  Efficient and Effective
Mediators at Philadelphia Mediation are trained in specialized facilitation skills and work to bring disputing parties together to work out solutions.  They do not advocate any position or try to persuade parties to do one thing or another, but they typically will work to identify the core issues underlying disputes and use specific techniques to try to help the parties craft creative solutions to resolve the problem.

Mediation is the most cost effective solution when Contractual or other Civil issues arise between two or more adverse parties or in Divorce and Family dispute situations.  In most cases Mediating a conflict will save thousands of your dollars in legal fees and court costs and years of your precious time.  Why litigate when you can mediate?  There is no comparison.  read more >>

Why Philadelphia Mediation?
Philadelphia Mediation is the premiere center for Mediation in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas including most of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Philadelphia Mediation's Mediators are all fully licensed attorneys who have actually litigated hundreds of cases in Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, and Berks Counties in Pennsylvania and Camden, Atlantic, Burlington, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Cape May, and Ocean Counties in New Jersey.  Mediators also include licensed therapists with years of practical experience.  This extensive courtroom experience along with their specialized training in Mediation and Arbitration techniques gives them the advantage in solving your needs.   read more>>
Divorce and Family Mediation

Criminal and Civil Mediation


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